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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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The Apollo Project

Serenades and Divertimenti for Mandolin Ensembles by A. Paul Johnson.

This original CD features works by American composer A. Paul Johnson. A review in the The Saint Petersburg Times said "the five pieces played by the Louisville Mandolin Orchestra and the Sydney Mandolins, an impressive group from Australia give spirited renditions of Serenade #1 and Divertimento #5. Michael Schroeder's mandolin solo in Divertimento #4 with the Louisville Mandolin Orchestra is a delight with infectious melodies and peasant dance rhythms." J.F.

Serenade 1
1. I Allegretto
2. II Adagio
3. III Allegro
Sydney Mandolins

Serenade 2
4. I Moderato
5. II Passacaglia
6. III Rondo
Louisville Mandolin Orchestra

7. I Giocoso, II Andante, III Allegro Moderato
Louisville Mandolin Orchestra

Divertimento 4
8. Allegretto Giocoso - Adagio - Valse Moderato
Adagio Simplice - Allegro
Louisville Mandolin Orchestra:
Michael Schroeder - solo mandolin/
Louisa Ellis - harp

Divertimento 5
9. Allegro - Blues - March - Adagio - Allegro
Sydney Mandolins with Sally Treloyn - Flute

Available from:

Presently not available from the Louisville Mandolin Orchestra. To check availability please contact the Australian Music Centre.

Production notes:

All compositions licensed by BMI
Produced by Donald Bach-Downe
Engineered by Kerry Joyner
Additional Engineering by John Lyzott
Cover design by Caryl Ann Johnson
2001 A. Paul Johnson


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