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Monday, December 18, 2017
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Compositions for mandolin orchestra that suggests in some way a place or a type of geography.

Jim Bates 
Elizabeth Ashworth
Jack Ashworth
Joe Burch
John Cooksey
Clark Cox
Louisa Ellis
Shelly Fears
Partrick Fitzgerald
Ron Flowers
Larry Hamfeldt
Robin Harris
Joanna Hay
Sidney King
Aaron May
Rob Mitchum
Bruce Morris
Leah Neuhauser

Bob Peters
Chris Powell
Jason Raff
John Rice
Mick Savkovich
Michael Schroeder
Marshall Shelor
Carol Tittel
Jane Tynan
Dave Walker
Royal Wetzel
Spiff Wiegand
Doug Wilson
Leslie Witten
David Zorn
Ann Zor

Tracks on this release:

  1. Impressioni Orientali, Raffaele Calace

  2. Joyeux Page (Pavanne), Francois Menichetti

  3. Buona Notte Mimi (Berceuse), Op. 322, Giuseppe Manente

  4. Heavens on Earth, John Goodin
  5. New Harmony
  6. Equity
  7. Shakertown

  8. Fantasie über die Neopolitanische volksweise Santa Lucia, Op. 16, Konrad Wölki

  9. Pagina d'Album (Intermezzo), Op. 312, Giuseppe Manente

  10. By The River (Romance), Theo. F. Morse, arr. Morse-Tobani

  11. La Valle Maudite (Overture Dramatique), Francois Menichetti

Album Notes:

The mandolin, a diminutive string instrument played with a plectrum, may be small, but its reputation and repertoire cut a wide swath across many cultures. This instrument, or instruments closely related to it, can be found in cultures across the globe playing music of the native folk cultures, as well as classical music. While MandoScapes is not a collection of folk music, it is a collection of classical pieces written for mandolin orchestra that suggests in some way a place or a type of geography.

Impressionni Orientali, by Italian composer and mandolin virtuoso Raffaele Calace, depicts desert scenes, some still and desolate, some charged with the excitement of earnest pursuit across desert sands.

Joyeux Page, the merry page, is a pavane by Francois Menichetti and suggests a jaunty stroll along the countryside.

Buona Notte Mimi is a gentle aria that brings to mind romantic images of a warm Italian evening.

John Goodin's Heavens on Earth resonates with a truly American sound. The title reflects the notion that each of the movements is named for an idealistic communal settlement of the 1800’s. The spirit of optimism and vigor that must have been felt during each settlement's inception can be heard in each of the movements, New Harmony (Indiana), Equity (Ohio) and Shakertown (Kentucky).

The Fantasie on the Neapolitan folk song Santa Lucia is so readily identified with Italy that it needs no explanation, but Konrad Wölki's setting of this melody brings a breezy freshness to the familiar song.

The syncopated intermezzo Pagina d’Album, meaning a page from a scrapbook, exhibits several changes of character, like fleeting recollections.

By the River has been a long time favorite of our orchestra, both for its sweetly nostalgic turn of the century melody, and because of Louisville's close connection to the Ohio River.

The Valle Maudite, or cursed valley, is a concert overture and classic of the mandolin orchestra repertoire.

Its many moods take the listener on a splendidly varied musical journey.
These selections represent the mandolin repertoire well, but their charm is a direct result of the mandolin’s ability to capture the imagination wherever the listener may be. Bon Voyage!

- Jim Bates

Production Notes:

Produced by Jim Bates and Mike Schroeder
Engineered by Tim Hartel, TNT Productions
Additional Engineering by Ron Stopher, Phil Stirgwolt and Andy High
Photography by Joanna Epley
Art Direction and Design by Joe Burch
© 2000 The Louisville Mandolin Orchestra

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