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Monday, December 18, 2017
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Last Call at Hawley-Cooke

Most recent recording from the LMO under the direction of Bob Elkins.

“Last Call at Hawley-Cooke” represents the first CD offering from the Louisville Mandolin Orchestra since their highly successful “Mandoscapes” in 2000. It is also their first recording under the direction of Bob Elkins.

The title cut is a reminiscence of the Hawley-Cooke Booksellers, popular local independent bookstores which opened in the late 1970s (now operated by Borders).

Joining the LMO on this recording is John Goodin, well-known composer, musician and MandolinCafe correspondent. He was an original member of the LMO, and now lives in Iowa where he is an Associate Professor at Luther College. John wrote two of the included pieces: the eponymous “Last Call at Hawley-Cooke” (dedicated to the LMO in recognition of their 20th anniversary in 2008) and as a bonus track, a revisit to “Shakertown” from his suite celebrating the 19th century Utopian movement, first recorded by the LMO in 2000.

Bob Elkins, Conductor

LMO conductor Bob Elkins is a native Appalachian, with family roots in the mountains of eastern Kentucky and West Virginia. He is a graduate of Berea College, and has worked in music education all of his professional life. A resident of Frankfort, Kentucky, Bob has served as music director for several regional outdoor stage presentations, and has published a novel The Conversion of Big Jim Cane, and a short story collection Watchin’ the Bluegrass Grow.


Bob Elkins

First Mandolin
Mike Schroeder
John Rice
Trent Ripley
Jamie Todd


Second Mandolin
Leslie Witten
Carol Tittel
Rob Mitchum
Bruce Morris
Bo Gulledge

Jane Tynan
Doug Wilson

Joe Burch
Patrick Fitzgerald

Robin Harris
Ron Flowers
Billie Bradford

Kato Wilbur

John Goodin
Carol Cutler

Titles on this Recording:

  1. Trio in D by Giovanni Battista Cedronio
    Allegro - The first movement of this 18th century Baroque jewel, arranged for mandolin orchestra by Reiner Stutz, features intricate scale work from the mandolins, answered by the deeper mandocello and guitar.
  2. Andante - The slow movement plays heavily on changing dynamics.
  3. Presto  - The fast-paced final movement features, in its last half, an intricate countermelody by the second mandolins, followed by a strong unison finish.
  4. Shakertown by John Goodin
    The powerful guitar introduction leads in to a rollicking introduction of the different voices of the orchestra. The mandolas play out in the middle of the piece.
  5. Primi Racconti by Vito De Siati
    Primi Racconti, or First Stories, begins and ends with a dreamlike reverie. Intricate rhythms in 3/8 are the highlight of the allegro section.
  6.   Jota by Enrique Granados
    This traditional Andalucian Spanish dance captures the duende, or passion, and gypsy rhythms of southern Spain.
  7. Benvenuto by A. De Meo / Johan B Kok
    “Benvenuto” means “Welcome” in Italian, and this piece has served the LMO well as an opener over the years. The Dutch arrangement by Kok is a popular one, with a fiery Mediterranean finish.

  8. Tafelmusik by Konrad Wölki
    Poco allegretto - Flautist Carol Cutler joins the LMO for all four movements.
  9. Adagio - The second movement begins slowly, but at measure 20 the pace becomes abruptly presto, continuing until the last 8 measures, which reprise the initial theme.
  10. Allegro marciale - The military feel of the third movement contrasts strongly with the sophistication of the first two movements.
  11. Poco allegretto - Wölki’s fine piece is brought to a close with shimmering flute accompaniment and a fortissimo tutti stinger.
  12. Last Call at Hawley-Cooke by John Goodin
    This gem from John Goodin is evocative for all who lived in Louisville from the late 1970s onward. As the store was about to close, the final moments were announced: “Hawley-Cooke Booksellers will close in fifteen minutes.” This provoked a scurry and search before the doors closed, interrupting the relaxing browse through the stacks. And that is what John’s piece is all about.

- Notes by John Rice

Production Notes:

Recorded June 13 and 14, 2009 at the Assumption High School Performing Arts Center
Produced by Bob Elkins and Mike Schroeder for the Louisville Mandolin Orchestra
Recording and engineering by Mike Baker, DSL Studios
Additional engineering by John Rice
Design and photography by Joe Burch
© 2009 The Louisville Mandolin Orchestra


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